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An Elite Server basically refers to the temporary server, where it gives fast level up of character.
The main purpose of an Elite Server is to provide massive boost of experience, item drop and growth drop so that the user can level a character 10 times faster than normal server!

As mentioned above, an Elite Server gives fast level up of a character. In the chart below, the specific boost is explained;

An Elite Server is updated with basic contents provided from a normal server. Only in an Elite Server, you will not be able to enjoy 2nd character contents as it only give contents up to 1st master.

Other than that, every contents and rules and items use is the same with normal server. An Elite Server provides extreme environment to level new character. However, you have to level your character to 1st
master level 1 ~ 125 in orders to transfer your boosted character to the normal server within a month.

There are several difference from Elite Server Season 1 and 2.

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